Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Went to Hotel Re! for site viewing... not sure if they are serious for business because the manager actually forgot about our appointment. When I called him to tell him im at the lobby, he went like "Ann? Ann from where?" I was like wtf u forgot that at this min you are suppose to meet me? ok that aside, everything went smoothly. the venue was alright, the price was slightly higher that I have expected. most importantly they can cater to pure vegetarian because it is very important as my parents are strict vegan. what I really dislike is the carpet design. super old pattern. like brush strokes of red and yellow against brown. about $100/pax with alcohol

today we went to basilica at the regent. location is fantastic, just a few roads from orchard mrt... walkable and also can take bus, 2 stops from orchard mrt. it is actually a restaurant buffet style. ITALIAN STYLE. so high class and the service crews are obviously very well trained, fluent, friendly, professional. super plu point for good service. didn't get to see the spread because the time we went was just nice end of lunch buffet. but Aaron's friend did recommend this place for the quality of free flow Italian food. the layout is quite cool. many corner and mini rooms to settle guests down. no awkwardness and very intimate feeling. but I don't think they really have much vegetarian food and probably the utensils are not cleaned from meat. so that's my huge concern.... other than that I will totally book that place. about $80/pax without alcohol

one Rochester will be my next viewing, most likely next week...

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Aaron and I did quite a few discussion on how we want our wedding to be... he is someone that wants things to go fast, I am someone who is very lazy about everything. So lucky us, it was quite a breeze for us to agree on having just a half day event. he doesn't want something formal like a banquet, I didn't have objection on that, so we both agreed on having a wedding party buffet instead. I went ahead to look for unconventional venues like restaurants and bungalow. I emailed Lewin Terrace and got a site visit date. After some email exchange with a wedding planner provided by L.T, we made our way down on 5 Aug. The wedding planner is very friendly and answer to all our enquires. I actually quite like the place. it is a bungalow by itself on fort canning hill. the surrounding was zen and very therapeutic.

but.......... it cannot hold the amount of people we want to invite if we want all to be seated. Initially we thought we can do with 80 guests, 40 pax each. Until I listed down only our relatives... we had about 90 of them, without including any friends yet. :(

L.T it can hold about 60 indoor seating and 20 outdoor seating. she gave us a solution for having 50 standing, but Aaron thought it was not nice to have guest standing while eating. Min spending for lunch is $8000++ and dinner is $12,000++. Choices are given for sit down dinning($88-$168/pax) or buffet style ($60-$80/pax). The charges for free flow drinks is quite costly about $30-50/pax but negotiable according to wedding planner. If not for the large pax we need, I will definitely put L.T at my top choice to hold my wedding lunch party.

We needed a place to hold about 180-200 pax. Hence, I modified my criteria to find a place that can hold such a big party.  Got disappointed because most restaurants obviously cannot hold such a big crowd, I was telling Aaron we might need to look at hotel banquet in the end. Luckily he as persistent and insist for me to do more research. I have emailed 3 other places so far, one Rochester, Hotel Re! and Basilico Restaurant. so far, Hotel Re! has called me back the next day and confirmed a site viewing. one Rochester can only have viewing after 25th Aug, I am still waiting for the wedding planner assigned to me to be back. Basilico has yet to respond. Looking forward! :)

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Till next time, take care, byeee! :)
Hi Testing! This place will be for me to record down my journey from deciding my wedding venue, theme, planning for my house etc... I have just started discussing with my fiancĂ© about the theme and how we wanted the wedding to feel, I did tons of research and went  to 1 site viewing, I am already feeling that the process is tedious! I suddenly have the urge to pin all these down so that I can have the chance to look back and remise all the memories! And just in case I forget any details for stuff that I have research along the way I have something to refer to because our wedding estimated date is slightly more than 1 year later, oct/nov 2016. not yet calculate our dates, will do it after the 7th month, hopefully we have a few weekend dates to choose from *fingers cross*.